Preserving Vintage Gems: The Definitive Guide to Classic Car Insurance

Classic car enthusiasts understand that vintage cars are not just vehicles. Vintage cars are cherished possessions that remind car owners of the essence of bygone eras and precious memories. 

Don’t leave the protection of your most prized possession to chance. Talk to the classic car insurance experts at Community Management Insurance Group in Greensboro, NC. 

Why You Need Classic Car Insurance for Your Vintage Auto

Traditional auto insurance and classic auto insurance don’t offer the same coverage for classic car owners in Greensboro, NC. Your traditional auto insurance policy may not recognize the vintage value of your vehicle in the event of theft, accident, or vandalism. 

Having a classic car insurance policy in place will ensure that you are able to recoup the current vintage value of your vehicle in the event of an unexpected mishap that causes the loss or damage of your classic automobile. 

What Classic Car Insurance Covers in North Carolina

Most classic car insurance policies in NC will cover replacement or damage if your classic car is in an accident, stolen, or damaged by a natural disaster. The level and amount of coverage vary based on the type of policy you choose when you’re offered a quote. 

The experts at Community Management Insurance Group can help you choose between collision and non-collision-based classic car insurance policies. Comprehensive and collision-based policies will generally offer more coverage than limited liability policies.

What Vehicles Are Covered by Classic Car Insurance?

The type of vehicles covered by classic car insurance can vary by state and/or policy. Talk to your licensed insurance agent to learn about classic car insurance coverage for the following vehicle types. 

  • Vintage Muscle Cars
  • Classic Motorcycles
  • Antique Trucks

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get the best coverage to safeguard your investment. Contact Community Management Insurance Group today!